Odyssey 2016 organizers


The research group aims to:

  • deeper on fundamental software technologies, and in particular those related to speech processing and information retrieval;
  • develop tools and prototypes for various applications, with emphasis on ambient intelligence environments and the Internet,
  • In connection with the foregoing, the development of specific technologies for Basque and, finally,
  • offer our experience to society, either in the form of diffusion-academic training, or in the form of technology transfer for development of commercial products.

> Our research activities can be grouped into three blocks:

  1. Study and development of speech technologies for different applications: automatic transcription, recognition and speaker verification, verification and recognition of the language, and so on.
  2. Study and development of technologies of information retrieval from automatic transcripts, and development of tools: Spoken search resources on the Internet, indexing and access to meetings, and so on.
  3. Integration of the previous technologies into software architectures that facilitate its implementation and reuse (web services, Ambient Intelligence environments, etc.).

> Two objectives now combine these three blocks of activity:

  1. development of information retrieval systems in multimedia resources (both from the Internet, as in specific resources: news programs, recordings of meetings, etc.) by means of Automatic Speech transcription, and
  2. systems for identification, validation and tracking of speakers in Ambient Intelligence environments.